Product FAQs

How do Dr. Dan's Pet Care products differ from other dog grooming products?

We are founded by a NYC veterinarian who meticulously formulated our products, carefully selecting every ingredient. While all-natural grooming items often fall short in efficiency, resulting in inadequate cleansing, hydration, and soothing, traditional grooming products can contain harsh chemicals harmful to your dog's skin. We prioritize using only top-tier, safe ingredients that guarantee efficacy without compromising your dog's wellbeing. Your pup's health and cleanliness are our top concerns, and our scientifically-backed formulas are crafted to provide an unparalleled skincare regimen.

Are Dr. Dan's Pet Care products all-natural/organic?

All the ingredients in our formulas are chosen carefully to be the most effective, safe, and gentle on your pet's skin. Our products are crafted meticulously using all-natural ingredients, ensuring they are safe and edible.

Can Dr. Dan's Pet Care products be used on any breed of dog?

Yes, our products are created to be used on all breeds of dogs- whether your pup is long-haired, short-haired, or no-haired.

Are Dr. Dan's Pet Care products safe to use on puppies?

Yes, our formulas are gentle enough to be used on a dog of any age, including puppies. 

What is the shelf life of Dr. Dan's Pet Care products?

Each of our products boasts a 2-year lifespan from its production date and remains fresh for 12 months after being opened.

What temperature should Dr. Dan's Pet Care products be stored?

For optimal performance, store our products at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

Where can I find more information about each product?

Each of our product pages provides comprehensive details, including ingredients, benefits, usage instructions, and more.

How often can my pet and I use Dr. Dan's Pet Care products?

Our products are formulated to be mild and gentle and can be used as often as required. We suggest using our shampoos at least once every three weeks for optimal results. This ensures your pup stays clean, healthy, and allergy-free, particularly after their fun-filled rolls in mud, dirt, and other outdoor delights. 

How do I use Dr. Dan's Shampoos?

  1. Gently brush the fur.
    2. Dampen the coat thoroughly.
  2. Apply and massage from the ears to the tail, avoiding the eye area.
  3. Thoroughly rinse using warm water.
  4. Pat dry with a towel.